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A message from Ralph Perk Jr. regarding the 2020 Census:

Its important for our communities to have 100% response for this census because this is how the Federal Government divides money among the States and also decides how many Congressional Representatives each State gets. In short, the greater our states population compared to other states, the greater our share of federal benefits and the greater our representation in the House of Representatives.

So we are asking all to insure that every community and person is counted.

And no one need worry that their identity or location will be made known, even to other government agencies, as the specifics of each census are locked for 75 years.

In addition, their may be census jobs available. If anyone wants to apply, go online to I believe the minimum is over $20/hr.

Thanks, and have a safe and healthy Easter Season.

R. Perk, president, ANM

Our Mission Statement

The following are proposed elements of an updated mission statement. Please convey your ideas to add or subtract to:

The American Nationalities Movement was formed for the purpose of uniting all the nationalities in the United States in the goal to educate, advocate and represent their interests of all the diverse ethnic groups to the public and mostly to the political leaders of the United States. This pursuit of our common interest to achieve an understanding of the complex issues that confront each group individually and collectively and that without our united efforts all of us will be endanger.

Therefore our duty as citizens of the United States with diverse ethnic backgrounds and interests is to overcome any differences between us and act together to further the goals of reducing and eliminating any potential efforts by any group to adversely affect our values and beliefs.

The American Nationalities Movement understands that In order to make significant progress, we as a group must identify and select leaders that would represent our interests. That without such representation we will not be heard. Therefore as long as ethnic communities exist in the United States The American Nationalities Movement will actively support the groups interests.

Our By-Laws

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